Tuesday, December 30, 2008

101 Goals in 1001 Days

The first time I saw the concept of completing 101 Goals in 1001 Days was on my friend Rachel's blog. I love lists (especially to-do lists) and goals (especially when they're attainable...you know...with a deadline of September 27, 2011!) so the idea immediately appealed to me. Well, Katy Lin just did a 101 in 1001 list and lit a fire under me again to make my own list.

Somehow, the idea of completing 101 bigger goals is pretty daunting, but I'm ready for the challenge. It took a while to come up with 101 things and I'll admit I looked at these friends' lists for inspiration. And with my mini-OCD personality, it took everything in me not to categorize these to create some order, but instead I just left the list as-is, pretty much how things popped into my head. I'll let you know as I complete items and will update this post to show what has been crossed off. If you want to make your own list, read some tips here.
  1. Wake up at 6am every day for 30 days in a row (5/7/10)
  2. Create a realistic housekeeping plan and follow it for 1 month (6/12/10)
  3. Complete the never-ending project I’m doing over our bed (1/13/09)
  4. Do a 3 day media fast (8/2/09)
  5. Have another baby (10/23/09)
  6. Take 2 weekend getaways with my girlfriends (5/17/09 and 3/12/10)
  7. Take a short vacation with another couple, no kids allowed (3/25/11)
  8. Go to a marriage conference with Mike (1/10/09)
  9. See the Grand Canyon (7/24/11)
  10. Take a trip back to Kansas City (10/6/11)
  11. Read a fiction book, start to finish (I know, that’s pathetic, but I'm not a fiction reader) (4/6/09)
  12. Start an All About Me scrapbook (1/15/09)
  13. Organize the sports equipment in our garage (1/11/09)
  14. Open savings accounts for the kids (6/25/11)
  15. Teach the kids to tithe weekly (9/25/11)
  16. Go on a cruise (1/11/10)
  17. Put wood floors in my scrapbook room
  18. Hike to the top of Camelback Mountain
  19. Share my faith with a stranger (9/15/11)
  20. Teach Ryan to read (1/16/10)
  21. Teach Kaylin to write her name (1/16/10)
  22. Develop a workable system for paperwork in the office (3/15/11) 
  23. Keep the desk clutter-free for 1 month (6/4/09)
  24. Sell my old bedroom furniture that I had as a kid (9/24/10)
  25. Recycle our unused electronics (10/22/11)
  26. Do 25 random acts of kindness (9/22/11)
  27. Attept to make homemade cinnamon rolls (1/27/09)
  28. Go to San Francisco with Mike (3/25/11)
  29. Label the baskets on my bookshelves and in the linen closet (5/28/09)
  30. Fast from sugar for 30 days in a row (3/25/10)
  31. Put cabinets and countertops in my craft room
  32. Figure out digital picture frames (9/24/10)
  33. Learn how to use my MP3 player (9/9/11)
  34. Post MHR every Friday for a month (1/23/09)
  35. Clean outside windows and screens (6/2/09)
  36. Have the kids choose a Christmas "angel" that’s their age and have them choose gifts for their child that they would want for themselves (12/15/09)
  37. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  38. Sit down and pre-plan meals for 1 month out and stick with the plan (2/5/09)
  39. Visit a friend in the hospital (1/27/11)
  40. Figure out how to make bread starting the dough in the bread machine and finishing it in the oven (4/27/09)
  41. Buy more memory for the computer (2/19/09 - we bought a new computer instead of new memory, but this totally counts!)
  42. Add ads to my blog to help bring in a little income (1/31/09 and 4/1/10)
  43. Figure out how to record home movies to DVD using my computer (8/10/10...kind of)
  44. Call a locksmith to unlock our empty file cabinet (7/26/11)
  45. Try sushi (California rolls don’t count) (1/11/10)
  46. Build a snowman with the kids (9/19/11)
  47. Go jogging on the beach (9/6/10)
  48. Buy groceries with a weekly cash allowance for a month (2/1/09)
  49. Learn to use Photoshop (5/19/09)
  50. Get 25 comments on a single blog post (1/11/09)
  51. Create a family mission statement and frame it (7/8/09)
  52. Pray for Mike every day for a month (2/18/09)
  53. Go to a concert/comedy show (11/4/09 and 8/19/10)
  54. Allow the kids to have dessert before dinner (11/15/09) and (6/26/11)
  55. Color my hair back to blonde again (4/15/09)
  56. Purchase overstuffed chairs and a large ottoman for our living room (4/25/10 - thanks for the great deal, Mom!)
  57. Get the broken dining room chair fixed (1/18/09 - thanks, honey!)
  58. Hang curtains on the office window
  59. Install crown molding in the bedroom
  60. Take a photography class (12/6/09 and 11/20/10)
  61. Get an amazing $1000 camera (6/10/09)
  62. Do a cleanse (7/13/10)
  63. Research buying contacts online to save money (8/24/10)
  64. Start using 100% homemade household cleaners (6/27/10)
  65. Make vegetarian meals 3x a week for a month (4/2/10)
  66. Play in the rain with my kids (7/22/10)
  67. Visit Desert Botanical Gardens
  68. Go to Organ Stop Pizza with the family (7/31/09)
  69. Sign Kaylin up for a dance class (3/10/10
  70. Camp by the Christmas tree (12/10/10)
  71. Figure out Twitter(4/19/09)
  72. Take a bubble bath once a week for a month (3/31/10)
  73. Bring Mike breakfast in bed (5/31/09 and 6/21/09)
  74. Find the perfect picture for above the dining room table (6/29/09)
  75. Take a hot air balloon ride
  76. Plan a girls day with just my mom and Kaylin (5/29/10)
  77. Clean out my bedroom closet (4/14/10)
  78. Purge old paperwork from our file cabinets (11/27/10)
  79. Give myself a pedicure 3 months in a row (9/10/11)
  80. Buy a van with a DVD player for long car trips (3/31/09)
  81. Wash my car by hand (5/2/10)
  82. Take a spin class (without leaving in the middle) (9/22/11)
  83. Invite 5 “new” neighbors over for lunch (4/18/10)
  84. Go a whole week without raising my voice to the kids, not once (7/16/09)
  85. Teach Ryan to make a full dinner all by himself (5/13/11)
  86. Teach Kaylin to go potty by herself (1/28/09)
  87. Attend Kick Boxing every Saturday for 3 months
  88. Attend a Yoga class once a week for 3 months
  89. Lift weights 2 times a week for a month (3/12/10)
  90. Jog for 30 minutes straight (6/2/10)
  91. Talk Mike into getting a professional massage (8/21/10)
  92. Let the kids make most of the decisions for an entire day (8/1/10)
  93. Plan an international trip with Mike (7/25/11)
  94. Watch Gone With the Wind (10/6/10)
  95. Do a devotional with the kids every day for 2 weeks (7/17/09)
  96. Go to bed at 9:00 every day for a week straight (1/22/11)
  97. Research an inexpensive, good quality skin care regimen and stick to it (9/14/11)
  98. Get Lasik surgery on my eyes
  99. Floss daily for one month (2/18/09)
  100. Find the perfect-fitting bra (8/19/10)
  101. Get 100,000 hits on my blog (1/12/10)
Please let me know if you start your own 101 list...I'd love to peek, especially now that it's too late to steal any of your ideas. Wish me luck!!!

(Update: so many of you have emailed or commented that you have created your own 101 in 1001 list...if you posted it to a blog or wrote about any kind of goals or New Year's resolutions, feel free to link to your blog post below...)


chandy said...

I like your list idea...I might have to get around to it!

What exactly is a "cleanse"? (It sounds a bit scary...)

Katy Lin :) said...

yay!!! i'm so glad you're doing this too!!!!! (i especially like #34, lol!) :) good luck!

Practically Joe said...

Just to give you an idea for your #50 ... get 25 comments on a single blog post.
I had to break two ribs to achieve that one.

Lauren said...

Hi Katie..I just happened upon your blog, and I enjoyed it so much! I love the list..what a neat idea! I think I'll give it a try too. Thanks for the inspiration:) I'll be visiting again too!

Emma said...

Good luck on completing your list!

The Happy Housewife said...

Great list! You have a lot of great goals to accomplish. I am a list person too, especially when I can cross something off of one!

Allison said...

What a great idea! I think I may make a list of my own! Good luck to you!

mnkristy said...

I love this...found you through Toni's blog at Happy Housewife. You inspired me to make my own list. You can find it at my blog. Thanks!

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

ok question. are you going to keep this updated so readers can see? just wondering how to do it on my blog that easiest way

Allison said...

I finally finished my list and posted it on my blog. I also added the link to Mr. Linky. Thanks for letting me play along!

♥ Rachael said...

Great list, Katie! I'm in! Can a 'borrow' a few of yours? :)

♥ Rachael said...

OK, I (finally) have the list done...
Rachael's 101 List

I love this idea! BTW, I'm on Day 9 of the Love Dare -- Day 1 was hard for me too... it totally makes you aware.

Just Me said...

I am also doing a 101 in 1001 list - started Jan 1, 2009. I don't have a public blog to show everyone, my mom, sisters and I started a private blog together so we can encourage each other and watch each other's progress.

For your contacts - check out 1800CONTACTS. I used them for the first time last summer and they were wonderful, and a huge savings!

chrisnallynkids said...

great list. I think I am going to do this too. Here is a way to make bread that I want to try

I haven't tried this yet, but I really want to.

TeriLynneU said...

Katie, I'm a little late to the party on this ... but I posted my list today. LOVE your blog!!!

Shauna Okongo said...

Yea!!!! I finally finished my list! Take a peek if you get a chance. Thanks for the inspiration!


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Hey girl ... I added the link to my new blog - same list but updated. I don't blog at Thoughts & Ponderings anymore. Can you please delete #14? Thanks!

Amy said...

Found your blog on a goggle search for dinosaur birthday parties. Love this Idea!

Anonymous said...

This is not meant as a guilt trip...but I found it interesting that some of the remaining "unchecked" items on your are the simplest, the most important, and the least expensive.

Share your faith with a stranger.
Do 25 random acts of kindness.
Teach your children to tithe.
Set up savings accounts for your kids.

In fact, it just made me think of my own priorities. I purpose to do so many of those things myself, but in the end...the things that get done are:

Take a cruise.
Buy a van.
Be entertained.
Try new recipes.

Maybe as followers of Christ (and again...this is for me to chew on, but your blog inspired this in ME)...we ought to be putting some of those other things first.

Thanks for listening. Just another way that Intentionally Katie has made me think about my own shortcomings and helped me measure my own priorities.

God Bless.

Emma D said...

found your one on google and it was so helpful! i just made mine and im so excited but ive changed it a little bit!!



Erinn said...

Thanks for the inspiration Katie! Love reading your blog! Hope you had a great birthday! And thanks for allowing us to post our blogs on your site!

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