Thursday, October 13, 2011

#10 - Take a trip back to Kansas City

Wow - what a vacation!  After six days in Kansas City with the sweetest girl in the world, I made some observations.  Some good, some bad...

First of all, I discovered that time alone with my attention-hungry, middle child is an absolute necessity.  This is something that I need to remind myself of often; as in daily.  I truly enjoy her company and her maturity never ceases to amaze me.  She's a 15 year old trapped in a 5 year old's body...without the hormones!
I discovered that there really IS no place like home.  Yes, I just said that!  But seriously, as I was driving from the airport to my aunt's house (, not Auntie Em...Aunt Claudia) I got all choked up.  I hadn't been back to Kansas in more than six years and I had no idea how much I'd missed it.  Not to mention that the fall colors were beautiful!!!
I discovered that indulging your child (and yourself) for a few days can take some time to un-do.  Kaylin is no longer used to hearing "no" or sharing attention with her brothers.  And I'm no longer used to cooking, cleaning, or being responsible in any way, shape or form.  Plus, my hands are broken...I can't type as fast as I did last week!  A week away from the computer ruined my typing speed.  Curses!
Lunch at Nordstrom, shopping sprees and mani/pedi anyone?  My aunt treated me like royalty.
I didn't lift a finger all week!
I discovered that, over time even (seemingly) lifelong friendships fade away.  I only had a handful of old friends that I made plans with during my trip.  A few of the meetings felt like high school all over again (in a good way), but one was traced with awkwardness and obvious discomfort.  I drove away realizing that I might never choose to see that person again and was very, very sad...

(Sidenote: how CUTE are these little collage frames?  One of my above friends filled them with seasonal decor because she couldn't find pictures small enough to fit in them.  STEALING this idea!!!)
I discovered that eating desserts and not working out leads to weight gain.  Who knew?  (I'll spare you the picture of the back fat and belly rolls that go along with this discovery.)

I discovered that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I don't think I've been away from my boys that long in...well, ever!

I discovered that when you leave with more items than you brought, and you get the brilliant idea to buy a duffel bag from Good Will to transport it all home, that you should check to make sure the dumb bag has a zipper BEFORE you pack it up and are running late for the airport!!!
We sent "Flat Ryan" to Kansas to have some adventures with my aunt and cousins, so I got to take pictures to show real Ryan.  This is Flat Ryan rolling in the fall leaves. Real Ryan may never get that experience...!
Kaylin was so good on the plane.  SO. GOOD.  Even the flight attendant asked, "Is she always this well behaved?"  I said, "Yes. This is why she got to come on the trip and I left my wild boys at home." 
Speaking of "wild boys," I returned home to a broken kid.  The stupid curb jumped up and knocked Ryan off his bike.  (*sigh*)

I didn't tell Ryan to pose for this picture, by the way.  Such a goofy kid!
So #10 is finally crossed off my {expired} 101 goals in 1001 days list.  Yay!!!!  I had so much fun that I actually wished we were in a position to move back.  Especially since every single friend made that suggestion and I was feeling all nostalgic. (I drove by two old houses, my elementary school and my high school)  Maybe someday, but once I returned home, I remembered why I love Phoenix, too. (and it's not the 100 degree temperatures that welcomed me at the airport...)
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Carrie said...

Welcome back!! And I totally get it. I would love to move to Kansas...I didn't live there, but I've visited SO many times because all my family is there. And I love it more every time I go. There's no place like home....!

Heathahlee said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm so glad Kaylin got to go with you!

I've never thought about y'all not having leaves to rake and jump in in Arizona...kinda sad! I'm sure flat Ryan will tell real Ryan all about it! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember that warm and full-throat feeling of going back to Kansas City. It always filled up my heart when I would see friends, and one after the other after the other - people that knew me so well and loved me truly - we were both a sight for sore eyes for each other. Treasure those memories and how good it feels to love that way, and to be loved that way, Katie. It's the best!


Katie Porter said...

I am so sad to not see you! Glad you were able to come back home and share fall with your sweet girl.

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