Sunday, January 11, 2009

#13 - Organize the sports equipment in the garage

Do you hear that choir of angels singing? I do.

It's because my garage looks like Mission: Organization from HGTV!!!

I wish I thought enough to take "before" pictures. The growing clutter in my garage has bothered me each and every time I've pulled in my car for over a year. We used to have one little tricycle and a wagon, but once Ryan got a big boy bike and a scooter (plus a helmet and all the accessories to go with it) the clutter began to expand. Mike also got a bike for his birthday, Kaylin got a little priness bike for Christmas, helmets with each of Ryan's new 2-wheeled scooter and the baseballs and bat that roll all over...I shouldn't have started down my road of frustration!

BUT Mike and I have fixed these issues. Last weekend, we went to Lowe's to buy some hooks to finally start this little project. Each hook was under $1, no big deal, but there were packages of 10 hooks that were originally $4-5, but on clearance for 72 cents. No joke. I bought 2 of those, plus 2 packages of ladder hooks for 82 cents each, again, on clearance. We did this whole project for under $3.50!!! (this was before Mike got his job offer, so I was seriously praising God about this huge savings)

Below are the tricycles, scooters and helmets. (I ran out of hooks, so I just used 3 inch nails for the helmets) I had leftover pieces from shorter shelves that I put up in the playroom a while back, so we put one up high for additional outside "things" like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and littler things like baseballs and knee pads are in the black crate.

Another source of frustration were the umbrellas and the kids' tent in the coat closet that fell over ALL THE TIME. Hooks for those.

And while we were on a roll (and had extra hooks leftover) - we hung up the rakes, shovels and ladders, plus put bike hooks into the ceiling for Mike's bike and, eventually, mine.

If you click on the above picture, to the far right, you can see the 3 legged chair that needs to be repaired so I can cross off #56 from my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

Just to the left of the door, Mike put up the 2nd piece of "scrap" shelf and I plan to put some hooks underneath for backpacks and jackets. (but I don't want to go to Lowe's for the 3rd time this weekend) And on the shoe shelves below, I'll put out-of-season shoes so my coat closet shoe-shelf isn't so overwhelming. But that wasn't a part of the official title of #13, so this item is officially done!


kdh said...

Great work! I bet my garage gives you the shakes upon entering!

HeathahLee said...

Woo hoo! It looks great! Wow, you're really coming along on that list!

Ridoy said...
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