Monday, September 27, 2010

101 in 1001 update

I just looked at my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list and it's disappearing right on schedule! With exactly one year until my goal date, I've completed 65 of the 101 goals.  Here's a few more that I've made progress on lately...

#24 - Sell my old bedroom furniture that I had as a kid - I sold one of the two pieces last weekend at my mom's garage sale, but I decided to keep the other one in my craft room.  I'm considering this one DONE!

Figure out digital picture frames
- I messed with them, found out they need a memory cards. I got annoyed, gave up and sold them at the garage sale.  Considering this that cheating???

#47 - Go jogging on the beach - As of our vacation...DONE!!!

#67 - Visit Desert Botanical Gardens - I bought an annual pass for the family (I found a deal that made it cheaper to do that than to buy a one-time pass), now it's just a matter of getting over there!

#91 - Talk Mike into getting a professional massage - Okay, this is going to seem like cheating, but technically, I did this. He didn't GET one, but I did talk him into it, which is how I phrased the goal. While we were on our stay-cation a few weeks ago, they had a killer deal for a couples massage, plus we had a 30% off coupon for any spa services. Mike didn't want to do it at first, but I was able to sell him on the idea if we forfeited our expensive dinner plans and ate at a cheaper restaurant. Unfortunately, when I called to book the appointment, they said we could either take advantage of their deal OR use the 30% coupon, not both. And that was much more than we wanted to spend, so we axed the idea and ate at the fancy restaurant on top of the mountain instead. So technically, I did this one!

The things left on my list include:

7. Take a short vacation with another couple, no kids allowed - hoping to do this next year, no plans in the works, but I've thrown it out there to a handful of "couple" friends.

9. See the Grand Canyon - almost did this for our 10 year anniversary, maybe for our 11 year???

10. Take a trip back to Kansas City - no plans here...I hope to cross this off sometime next year.

14. Open savings accounts for the kids - soon, very soon.

15. Teach the kids to tithe weekly - I should have set a time limit on this, because the kids DO tithe, but I haven't figured out a way to consistently get it into our pre-church routine to get their offering money then put it in the bucket when we check them in. It just needs to become a new habit. Working on it.

17. Put wood floors in my scrapbook room - this may or may not happen...we'll see.

18. Hike to the top of Camelback Mountain - hoping to do this when the weather cools down.

19. Share my faith with a stranger - this one has proven difficult...I had the opportunity the other day, but chickened out and in hindsight, I think I could have potentially turned the person OFF to my faith if I'd have responded the way I wanted to.

22. Develop a workable system for paperwork in the office - in the process of managing the kid's papers, then will move on to the piles of OUR paperwork.

25. Recycle our unused electronics - hmmm...I don't even remember what electronics I was referring to here. I might need to go on a hunt for unused electronics hidden in our house.

26. Do 25 random acts of kindness - 16 out of 25.

28. Go to San Francisco with Mike - I would far prefer that THIS is how we spend our 11 year anniversary, but the plane tickets are not cheap!!!

31. Put cabinets and countertops in my craft room - not even sure I want to do this anymore. I might start doing digital scrapbooking sooner than I ever thought possible. I never thought I'd see the day, but it may be inevitable. I just don't have the time to sit and play with pictures like I used to...

33. Learn how to use my MP3 player - just got an iPod shuffle for my birthday, so once I figure out iTunes, I can cross this one off my list. Instead of selling the old MP3 player, I'm going to download kid songs and let Ryan and Kaylin have them in the van.

37. Volunteer at a homeless shelter - apparently the homeless shelters in Phoenix are scarier than in KC, so my hope of doing this as a family won't come to fruition before Sept, 2011. I might have to do this one with Mike.

39. Visit a friend in the hospital - When my BFF has her baby (2nd baby since starting this list) I plan on crossing this off. Considering I had a cold when she had Jack last fall. Stupid germs foiled my plans. (to both visit my friend recovering from a c-section AND cross this off my list)

43. Figure out how to record home movies to DVD using my computer - our video camera bit the dust since making this list, so I doubt I even need this item anymore.

44. Call a locksmith to unlock our empty file cabinet - dude...locksmiths don't come to your house for cheap! $50-150 for this one. I've decided it can stay locked for a while.

46. Build a snowman with the kids - this winter!

58. Hang curtains on the office window - I have the fabric, I just need to sketch my plans and solicit help from sewing friends and family.

59. Install crown molding in the bedroom - could be costly, nothing in the works yet, but we'll see.

70. Camp by the Christmas tree - will do this December.

75. Take a hot air balloon ride - I've been hinting for this as a future gift idea from Mike, so we'll see.

78. Purge old paperwork from our file cabinets - this has been in the works for a while, but I still don't consider the project "done."

79. Give myself a pedicure 3 months in a row - not that difficult, still can't seem to make it a priority every month.

82. Take a spin class (without leaving in the middle) - I think I could do this now, but the spin classes are during Jason's naptime, so I have to wait until he naps later in the mornings to attempt this one.

85. Teach Ryan to make a full dinner all by himself - recipe suggestions? Anyone...?

87. Attend Kick Boxing every Saturday for 3 months - ugh, my favorite kick boxing instructor quit while I was pregnant. His class helped me shed the last pounds after having Kaylin, so I'm severely bummed. All of the new instructors are horrible, but I still plan to attempt this goal.

88. Attend a Yoga class once a week for 3 months - doing this weekly has proven to be difficult, but I'm trying!

93. Plan an international trip with Mike - at the rate the economy is going, I can "plan" all I want, but we're not going to be "going" on an international trip until 2020...

94. Watch Gone With the Wind - this requires a trip to Blockbuster...this may be the next item that's crossed off.

96. Go to bed at 9:00 every day for a week straight - this should not be as difficult as it has been. My typical bedtime is 10:00, not midnight. Why can't I hit the sack an hour early for seven straight days??? I need to try this challenge again soon.

97. Research an inexpensive, good quality skin care regimen and stick to it - I've always been horrible to my skin. I need to get on the bandwagon soon or I'm not going to be pretty to look at in a few years...

98. Get Lasik surgery on my eyes - I need to man-up and just do this. Once I convince Mike that it's worth the extra pennies.

So that's everything! I think I can do the last few dozen things in the next 365 days. Probably not ALL of them, but most. Any guesses on how many I will leave un-done in September, 2011? 

I'll even make it interesting and give a prize to the person who correctly guesses the number of items NOT done by September 27, 2011...or gets closest.  Leave a comment on THIS post to tell me your guess.  Remember to leave your first name and email address (entered with spaces between the @ symbol to avoid spam).
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DutchMac said...

Screw the economy, you seem to have forgotten your ties to CHEAP INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLING, woman! Get your spin-class hiney over here and let me take care of the rest! My track record on international travel-planning and hosting is pretty darn good, you know. ;-)


Mom said...

I think you'll have only 6 undone cindy @ greatbizplans dot com.

Ryan should learn to make his favorite one-dish dinner, either baked or in a crock pot. He could do lasagna roll-ups or pizza or a casserole or chicken & veggies in the crockpot. At 2 1/2 you were cooking omelettes with me, every single morning and sometimes for dinner.

And I ditto what Jill said, "get your spin-class hiney over there!" I think she could help you cross off 7, 19, 26, 33, 82, 93, and 94. Remember, I'll watch the kids!

Love you,


chandy said...

You are doing better on your list than I am! But in my defense, I looked at my list recently and found I had completely lost interest in many of the things I had put on there.

We have a few similar items on our lists though... Joel and I will officially conquer the Canyon rim-to-rim in May. That's the item I'm most looking forward to!! (Our hiking caravan continues to grow... you guys are welcome to join it!)

Temple of the Blog said...

My M.I.L. recommended Paula's Choice Skin Care. She is in her 60's and looks like she is in her 30's...she swears by the stuff. I tried it and fell in love too...check it out.

Paula's Choice Skin Care.

Good luck!

Suzanne Hartnett said...

For number 14.... my friend's mom would match any monies that her kids put into their savings accounts, teaching them to save and see compounding interest as a math challenge each month. For example, grandma gave them $20 for b-day, $10 would go to the bank, $10 to a new toy and mom would chip in $10 to the bank account. Each of the kids would then get their monthly statements to keep track of “their” money and would get excited to see it grow little by little. I STILL remember my friend talking about it when we were in 1st and 2nd grade!!! The rule was that the account would ONLY be for purchasing of a car when the kids turned 16. SO, the parents paid for half of 4 cars (4 teenage daughters, each 2 years apart) but it took 20 years to do it, so MUCH less painful. Just an idea:)

Enjoy your day- Suzanne

Nat said...



Jessica said...

#19 Sharing your faith with a stranger--now you know I can relate to this one! I am not particulary keen on definitions, but I really like the one Campus Crusade (Bill Bright) gives for evangelism: "Success in evangelism is taking the initiative to tell others about Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results up to God." Somehow that helps take off the pressure when I think about sharing my faith! I'll be praying that He gives you another opportunity!

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