Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free Kodak Prints

I recently discovered that when you sign up for Kodak's online photo center, they give you 75 free 4x6 prints. I'm a sucker for free pictures, so I sign up every time.

Well! I uploaded all of my pictures from November and December that I want to scrapbook and I placed my order. They had a 9 cent picture promotion going through January 9th (using the code "NEWYEARPRINTS"), so I figured if I had more than 75 pictures I wanted printed, I was paying shipping to Kodak anyway, I may as well order through them, too, right? And at 9 cents each, why not get a double of this picture for Grandma and a copy of that picture to include in Aunt Claudia's thank you note...

When all was said and done, I had 119 pictures in my cart. What on earth?

Anyway, I noticed an option to pick up your prints at a local store. Turns out they only charge $2.49 for a pick up fee vs. the $5+ I was going to pay to have them shipped to my house. Um, pick up, please!

I went through the local stores and CVS Pharmacy was on the list. Cool - I have to go there this week anyway.

But wait - it gets better! I just realized that I think I can use my ECB credits (CVS's bonus bucks program) to pay for these pictures!!!

SO...my 119 pictures should have been $17.85 (at the regular 15 cents each price) but with discounts and free prints totalling $13.89 and a measly pick up fee of $2.49, with tax, my total is $6.79. AND if they let me use my ECB, it will be free.

Hallelujah, I love CVS.

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The Happy Housewife said...

Great deal. I already have an account with Kodak so I can't get the free prints but 9 cents is a good price. I usually pick up at my CVS. Cheaper than shipping!

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