Saturday, January 17, 2009

#12 - Start an All About Me scrapbook

While I was flipping through my Creating Keepsakes magazine last week, I saw a scrapbook page by Ali Edwards with big, chunky numbers that said "1984" on it. The vision I had for an All About Me scrapbook was to document some events and memories about my life for my kids to read, just in case I get hit by a bus or something. :)

Seeing a 2-page spread of a year in this gal's life back in 1984 inspired me to take a different approach to beginning the scrapbook. I went through all of my old photo albums and pulled out 3-5 pictures of myself (or specific events that made the year memorable for me) and put them all on one page. I was so anal as a kid that I kept one of each of my school pictures, so I was even able to have some consistency with the layout of all of these pages.

Do you love the side pony tail? That was MY 1984, thank you very much!

Once I had all of the pictures separated by year, it was easy to throw them onto a page. All I need to do now is put together some text for each year and those pages will be done. #12 on my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days is complete! The album is officially started.


DutchMac said...

Yea for you! Keep going with all this scrapbooking nonsense ... you just might inspire me to FINALLy getting around to putting together the stuff I've been collecting the past two years. You know, the LAST time I swore never to let that stuff pile up again. :-)


Sarah Mae said...

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Rachael Schepemaker said...

Where do you find the time? You must not sleep a full 8 hours at night. I love your album layout. I don't even think I could find photos of myself for every year. Are you planning on adding to it every year? And are you making one copy or one for each kid? Just wondering. I know I need to RSVP still to your shindig, but I really want to see your craftiness in person.

The Maid said...

Hello Katie...

The biggest shocker in this post...
you were so anal as a kid?

I woulda never guessed it! :)

Hey, just envying your organization, your follow through, and your determination to get things done.

Can you fax me some of that? Or email, or whatever! LOL

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