Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm not Catholic, but I think I've participated in fasting "something" during Lent every year since college. It's always something that's a sacrifice to give up and is sometimes even a habit that I want to break.

I fasted from swearing one year in college. Seriously - it's what finally broke me of my sailor's mouth and I know it honored God in the meantime.

I've fasted from chocolate many times, soda (when I used to drink it), fast food (when I used to eat it), and a miriad of other things. This year, I decided to give up sugar. I am a complete sugar addict and have little faith that I have the willpower to do this right now, but I'm going to try. Last year, I copped out and said I was giving up chocolate, but was hoping I could give up all forms of sugar. On Ash Wednesday, my pregnancy test showed me a little plus sign and I officially decided to only give up chocolate.

This year, I'm going for it. I've caught bad angles of a few pictures of myself and have decided that I need to kick it into gear with losing the baby weight. That girl who used to be one of Hugh Heffner's girlfriends is on the cover of some tabloid this week in a bikini, holding her 2 month old next to the headline, "How I lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks." I know I shouldn't compare myself to a Photoshopped picture of a Playboy Bunny (especially when I heard that she gained 55 lbs...someone's not being honest here), so don't start lecturing me in the comments, I'm just saying. Buying ingredients for my family fondue party (as that magazine cover stared at me) made me feel like a should-be contestent on The Biggest Loser.

Not to mention that it was 75 degrees this weekend (sorry, east coast readers!) and WAY too warm to cover up my jiggly bits with jeans and sweaters. So I'm doing it. As much as it pains me, on Wednesday, I'm going cold turkey.

I'm a little nervous. Not for me, but those around me. When your body is addicted, giving up sugar is the same as giving up caffeine or nicotine or alcohol. There are major withdrawls and I get really, really cranky.

Friends and family: beware. You might want to mysteriously disappear from my life for a week or so!

I'm curious: Do you participate in Lent? If so, what's the hardest thing you've ever fasted from???
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Carrie said...

I hear you girl. I felt the jiggling this weekend when wearing my "Spring" wear...I think I will be going cold turkey as well. So if we see each other at Preschool, we can growl at each other!! The church that I went to in College did something neat, where they gave something different up every week, for one week. Things like TV, or Sugar, or Shopping. The two weeks that were most interesting, were the Caffeine week, and the Sex (if you were married) week. The reactions were too funny, the girls were devastated to give up their morning coffee/daily soda, but had no issue with the Sex week, and for guys it was opposite! They were devastated about giving up Sex, not Coffee!!!
I'll be trying to do no sugar with you...all those bathing suits (not to mention that very magazine cover you speak of) were staring me down too!!! Good luck! You can do it!!!

♥ Rachael said...

So funny you post this...we have decided to go "refined sugar" free for an entire week to see how we do. We're total sugar junkies too. Of course, it's all "behind closed doors" like when Eliana is in bed and we literally eat 18 cookies willpower, so we just have to go cold turkey. Anyway, this is our first week and then we'll see how it goes. (I feel like a crack head).

Rachael Schepemaker said...

OK, so if I join you, how long is this mission...6 weeks until Easter? I desperately need to give up soda, but I am so weak I don't know if I can do it. I've never been able to do it in the past. But I must lose at least 5 more pounds and I think it's only going to happen if I kick soda to the curb!

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

I have been "doing" Lent for the past 8 years or so though it is not a part of my church's tradition. This year - don't laugh at me, please - I am giving up speaking badly about my mother-in-law. It's become a terrible habit and it is beginning to affect my relationship with my husband. I've given up red meat, coffee, television, etc. over the years ... but this year I just feel like God has led me to this .... It's going to be the hardest thing I've done, I imagine. She makes me crazy!!! Oh and she'll be here for a visit with her yappy little dog for 7 days or so during Lent. Just to make it all more challenging!!

Cindy Anderson said...

I grew up Catholic, so giving things up for Lent was a part of growing up. It wasn't until my teenager became a Christ-follower that I was properly motivated by Lent.

Maybe you'll remember saying to me, "Really, Mom? Jesus gave His very life for you, and you're not giving up even one thing for just 40 days?" So convicting, so right on.

And so, another fan of the Lenten tradition was born...

Last year I (successfully!) gave up white sugar and alcohol/wine through Easter, and carried on all the way until LABOR DAY. It turned in to more of a combination fleecing and fast, I wanted so much to petition God for changes in my life and to see Him moving, which I did!

Tomorrow I'm back on the wagon with you, girl. Cold turkey, no excuses, no more looking back like Lot's wife for me. It's only the first 2 weeks that are hard (ok... brutal), then the rest becomes a choice instead of a need or an addiction.

1. NO SUNDAYS OFF. Don't do that to your body or your mind.
2. KEEP THE END GOAL/OUTCOME IN MIND. You can do anything you set your mind to, especially when you see the light at the end of the tunnel. One foot in front of the other and you're there before you know it.
3. YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE. Case in point? You're very tidy former-potty mouth. ;-)

Love you, and Happy Pre-Easter!


Brandi said...

This will be the first time I have felt led to observe Lent. I feel that God is drawing me to something deeper with him and I want to be open to what he has in store. I have spent way too much time on Facebook and feel strongly that I need to give this up. So, for Lent, I will not use Facebook. Sounds trivial, but it was totally effecting my use of spare time.
So proud of you for giving up sugar. What a tough goal!!

Kendra said...

It has been 11 years since I was pregnant the first time. I weigh the lightest I have weighed in about 9 years! However, there are so many "wobbily bits" as Bridget Jones says. Gonna try to get on the Wii and do the 30 Day Shred to solve this.

My MIL is Lutheran and she gives up sweets each year. That would be painful for me!

I pay attention to the mags with Hugh's ex girlfriend on them since we share the same name. I am telling you Katie her head has PHOTOSHOPPED (probably by a beginning graphics designer)! It is just not natural looking at all.
So take heart she really does not look that way!

ChocolateAddict said...

I'm with you!

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i havent given up anything in a long time, but the last time i did it was TV and i didnt watch for years. it was the craziest thing i no longer wanted to watch anymore.

good luck let us all know how you are doing!!!

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