Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playroom Makeover

A couple times each year, I do a major clean-sweep in my kids' playroom.  They pick up their toys themselves and I don't really go in there for long periods of time, so things rarely end up where they're intended to go. 

After finding some new storage boxes at IKEA while organizing a friends pantry, I thought they would fit in well in the playroom closet.

When I realized the playroom looked like THIS, I decided the room and closet needed a complete over-haul.

I like how it turned out. The games and puzzles are contained in wire baskets, the stray dress-up items are stored in the rolling bins on the floor, I rotated some unloved toys up high and, now that Jason's crawling, I found higher shelves for toys and games with small pieces.

I have a feeling that today is the only day this room will be this clean.  Until I do another clean-sweep after the Christmas gifts are opened...
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Allison said...

If you don't mind, may I share a tip from a former teacher that I did in my girls' playroom (I don't consider it Malachi's just yet, since he is still little)? I hate to see all that hard work get messed up after one super fun playing session. :-) Anyway, in order for my girls to know where things go on shelves and what things go in which containers, I took pictures of the items or found pictures online, printed them out on regular paper, cut them out, and used clear contact paper to attach the picture to the shelf/container. That way, they knew to match the item to the picture attached to the appropriate spot. It's best to use clear contact paper, because it's easy to remove. I've rearranged the toys in teh playroom, and it's easy to peel off the lable, and attach it in a different location. You can find pictures of what I did in my Facebook albums. I think it's in my House Pictures part 2 album. ??? It has ended the dump everything in a bucket, because I don't know where to put it issue.

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