Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Time Saving {Post-Vacation} Tips

When you're getting ready to go out of town, consider preparing your kitchen for your arrival home. I thought I did this, but I was wrong. For example, before we left for California, we ran out of milk and eggs. Knowing that both will last more than a week, I bought a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs to leave in the fridge. Both were gone within 2 days of our return, but it kept me from having to rush out to the store.
In addition to the basics, make sure you have enough food on hand to make a few meals before needing to make a grocery run. My mom made us a casserole to eat on Sunday night so that I didn't have to cook (thanks, Mom!) - but yesterday, I found myself in a bind. I knew I'd be short on time, so I needed to make something quick. I had planned on quesadillas for dinner, but managed to run out of refried beans in the pantry. So I went to plan B. I pulled out some tortellini from the fridge that was set to expire on 10/1. But when I opened the package, I found mold. (*sigh*) I didn't really have a plan C, until I found some ravioli in the freezer that I must have bought at Costco a while back.
This was all happening as I'm trying to help Ryan with his make-up homework from last week, complete Kaylin's paperwork to send for her first day of school today and prepare for our first Bible study for the fall semester to arrive at 6:45. Not having a complete plan (and worse...running low on my emergency food stash) made for a very stressful evening. I had a plan for dinner, I just didn't check for all of the ingredients, so it didn't work out.
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chandy said...

Ugh... I'm reading this from our hotel on vacation (free wifi comes in handy when your kids go to bed early!) and I realize I have nothing to eat when we get home, and the last thing I want to do right now is eat out. I may have to invite myself over to my mom's for dinner!

DutchMac said...

We do this, too. Other back-up ideas are having whoever's looking after the house in your absence pick up a few things your last day gone (like your mom did, but planned in advance) or placing a grocery store order for delivery the morning of your first day back (our stores here accept orders up to two weeks in advance). Yeah, there's the $5 delivery charge, but that small amount of cash versus your sanity that first morning is totally worth it. Oh, how I love grocery delivery!

Cindy Anderson said...

That Jill has the best ideas. Grocery delivery, WOW!

The Taskers said...

OK, great minds really think alike! I did the same sort of prep for our trip to CA (you know, the one you were on with us :) ) - including making Spaghetti sauce and Enchiladas and put them in the fridge. I have never done the buy milk beforehand thing, but I did it this time and it was brilliant! I was then able to do a true 20 minute run to the store for produce only the day after we got home - loving it!

Grocery delivery sounds awesome - will need to look into that as well.

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