Sunday, August 10, 2014

#4 - Get new bedroom furniture

We checked this off our list of 101 in 1001 in June, but I forgot to post about it! I have hated our bedroom dressers since the moment I married Mike. I don't love oak, but they were functional and served their purpose. So they stayed.

Nearly 15 years later, I am happy to report that we have replaced our dressers! I have casually looked around for something I love without success, but when I saw these posted online for sale by a friend, I jumped on them. They're a perfect interim set to carry us through for a few years until I can save for, shop for, and fall in love with something that will last us for another 15 years. Or more.

Our old set sold quickly on Craigslist and our bedroom has been updated without losing a penny. That's what I call frugal decorating!
excuse the mess on the sides - I snapped pictures without tidying up
The family picture needs to have the frame painted and it's going to hang above Mike's dresser. Not fully decorated, but good enough to post!

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