Monday, February 3, 2014

Detoxing my Sugar-Addicted Family

It is no secret that my family loves dessert. I love to bake, Mike is an ice-cream-o-holic, and our children…well, they've been doomed from the beginning.

But recently, I've been less than amused by the constant longing…craving…of sweets whenever possible. The boys, in particular, hone in on the 1% of our pantry which is sugar-laden treats. Rice Krispie Treats are gobbled up in less than a day, cookies and brownies don't stand a chance in our house, it's ridiculous. And I'm no better than the little addicts I've created.

Since our Christmastime bake-fest, I've significantly cut back on making desserts and have stopped buying any and all snacks containing sugar. For our morning snack, we generally have fruit or Greek yogurt, afternoon snacks are mostly vegetables and hummus or chips and salsa. No more granola bars, no more trail mix (Jason didn't think I noticed that he only ate the M&Ms), no more.

We haven't been perfect (most of January has consisted of traveling and getting back into our routine) but things were improving. Kind of.

Then we went to a Super Bowl party yesterday. There was pizza, 7-layer bean dip, potato chips, veggies and dip, mixed nuts, guacamole and salsa…plenty of savory (even gluten free) options. But it wasn't good enough. Where did the attention of my children fall? On the cupcakes and bowl of Valentine M&Ms. Most kids are drawn to the sweet stuff...I get it! I'm right there with 'em. But seriously, it was like a moth to a flame, if moths were allowed to beg, plead, negotiate, and whine for fire. I was appalled at the depth of their sugar addiction.

So this morning, I took a different approach. Instead of banning, restricting, lecturing teaching them about the harmful effects on their bodies, and preaching to them about making "healthy choices", I searched on You Tube for "the effects of sugar on the body" and showed my kids a couple of videos. 


They pulled out our cereal boxes and compared the Nutrition Facts on the Go Lean vs. the Joe's O's. They created charts of what they'd eaten so far today and we looked up the calories and sugar, continuing to track them for the rest of the day. By the end of dinner, the kids had only eaten 5 grams of their maximum daily recommended 16 grams of processed sugar. (We didn't track the sugars in unboxed foods like fruits, veggies, and meat) So what did they do? Grabbed a {1 gram of sugar} chocolate covered almond, ate a {5 grams of sugar} Dove dark chocolate, and finished their dinner by slicing up an apple. 

I was so proud!

Now let's see if we can continue this trend tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.
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Anonymous said...

I am watching these every day until I know that I know that I know I'm d-o-n-e with an unhealthy body and weird, unnatural food cravings. Done!

Thank you so much, Katie. This was so helpful to me, can't imagine the value it'll give your little kiddles!!


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