Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Top 100 things that make me HAPPY

While reading through one of my scrapbooking magazines this weekend, I was inspired to write a list of things that I love. Just reading through this list makes me happy! I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes, sit down, and create your own list. Enjoy my list, but seriously...MAKE YOUR OWN! It's therapy for your soul. Don't start with 100...the task is too daunting. The first 10 or 20 will come pretty easy, then decide how long your list will be and keep it handy as you remember things throughout the day until you reach your own determined number.

These are in no particular order, just pretty much how they came to me. As silly as they seem, the biggest things that bring me joy are in a bigger font size.
  1. my husband
  2. being a mom
  3. my family
  4. salvation
  5. fresh baked cookies
  6. a clean kitchen
  7. being organized
  8. Ryan giggling
  9. entertaining
  10. scrapbooking
  11. baking
  12. watching people
  13. the innocence of a child
  14. the perfect photo shot
  15. reading a magazine
  16. a good workout
  17. hugs
  18. Trader Joe's
  19. hot tea
  20. rainy days
  21. my front porch
  22. smoothies
  23. date nights
  24. a sense of accomplishment
  25. coupons
  26. home videos
  27. green grass
  28. La Madeline restaurant
  29. Kaylin's contagious smile
  30. London
  31. Christmas
  32. pedicures
  33. Nicholas Sparks' movies
  34. fresh flowers
  35. laughing
  36. pesto
  37. staying on schedule
  38. someone else cleaning my house
  39. being an only child
  40. water
  41. email
  42. snuggling
  43. feeling refreshed
  44. serving the Lord
  45. holding Mike's hand
  46. getting in the short line
  47. a comfy bed
  48. The Office tv show
  49. Paradise Bakery
  50. baskets
  51. mangos
  52. my food processor
  53. going to the cabin in Strawberry, AZ
  54. a clean work space
  55. crossing things off a list
  56. Josh Groban's voice
  57. my swimming pool
  58. peace and quiet
  59. getting a massage
  60. autumn leaves
  61. sleeping in
  62. getting a good deal
  63. square plates
  64. confidence
  65. a fresh haircut
  66. Mike's gut laugh
  67. my comfy robe
  68. fresh berries
  69. sincere compliments
  70. my pantry
  71. a delicious, healthy meal
  72. the perfect outfit
  73. my comfy robe
  74. going to the movies
  75. new notebooks
  76. the smell of my kids after a bath
  77. cool containers
  78. my tall dining room table
  79. Kansas City
  80. Kaylin's babbles
  81. chapstick
  82. inspiration
  83. Desert Ridge
  84. feeling appreciated
  85. clean sheets
  86. lunch with a friend
  87. Cosmopolitans
  88. my quiet time corner in my room
  89. my label maker
  90. chasing Ryan
  91. chicken florentine salad from Macaroni Grill
  92. thunderstorms
  93. negotiating a win:win
  94. my apple slicer
  95. finding money in a pair of last season's pants
  96. my scrapbook room
  97. babies
  98. helping someone feel good about themselves
  99. hearing Ryan say, "I love you Mommy" out of no where
  100. feeling satisfied


DutchMac said...

Can I just say ONE MORE TIME how frighteningly alike we are?! We've always known it's true, but never have I had it confirmed more definitely than reading your 'crossing things off a list' comment. I sometimes make nonsense lists just so I can cross things off and FEEL like I've accomplished things, no matter how trivial! ('nap' is one of the things on my list today, and I can't wait to be able to cross that one off)

Do you ever get the feeling it's a really good thing we never lived together, that we're much better friends from a distance? We'd simultaneously love and kill each other! :-)

Your Fellow Type A Personality

Hydeman family said...

I love that you put TRADER JOES under things that make you happy! LOL...your a silly little pickle

April said...

Katie! Dude, how did I miss this? I loved reading your list! Some of them made me smile, some of them were so you, and some of them I never saw coming. Loved it!! I think I will make one of my own. What a beautiful idea!

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