Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ryan's 6th Birthday - A Dinosaur Theme

We had a dinosaur-themed birthday party for Ryan today. I created the invitations in Photoshop, then printed them out on green polka dot cardstock. Ryan helped by cutting out the dinosaur shape, stuffing and licking the envelopes and writing his friends' names on them.

I found someone on Craigslist selling a bunch of dinosaur decorations, so the whole house was dino-ed out.

She even included some dinosaur footprints that she cut out; Ryan taped them to the walkway leading up to our house.

I went with a green, yellow and orange color scheme for balloons and hung green streamers from the doorway for a jungle effect.

Jason was even decked out in a dinosaur outfit and his dinosaur hat with spikes on top.

Most of the guests were from Ryan's Kindergarten class, and they were all so excited to see each other again (since summer break began a few weeks ago) that all they wanted to do was play freeze-tag and soccer in the backyard.

The weather was unseasonably cool (75 degrees and cloudy) which allowed me to set up tables outside for lunch and cake. (I love when it works out where I can leave the crumbs and mess outside!!!)

I made an easy lunch of dinosaur chicken nuggets, Goldfish crackers, dinosaur gummies and juice boxes.

The only game they played was "Pin the Tooth on the T-Rex." I had another game planned, but they were so busy playing together in the backyard, I didn't bother breaking up the fun.

Mike created an erupting volcano in the grass. This experiment didn't last as long as I expected, so I suggested the kids play Duck, Duck, Goose afterward, since they were already in a circle. That kept them busy until I was ready to bring out the cake.

(Recipe: Mix 2 Tablespoons water and 1 Tablespoon baking soda in a Dixie cup. Put the cup on a paper plate, cover with foil and cut a small hole above the cup. Add some red food coloring to 2 Tablespoons of white vinegar and pour all at once into the baking soda/water cup.)

The volcano cake was not only cute, but sugar-coma chocolaty and delicious.

We finished up with Ryan opening presents and everyone left with their party favors: a dinosaur coloring book and crayons.

The budget for this party was very reasonable. The second-hand decorations really helped cut costs while helping the house get transformed into a pre-historic land. And seriously, all these kids wanted to do was play together. This party was like a giant play date with cake and presents. I think everyone had fun. I know Ryan did!!!

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Crystal said...

So fun! What a great party idea!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome Katie. Happy Birthday Ryan.


Heidi said...

looks like a great party! we did a dino party last year!!

Nice idea to look for and list party items on craigs list!

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