Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Round Here

(Did anyone else love Counting Crows in the late '90s?)

Lots going on 'round here lately, throwing it all in one gigantic post with tons of pictures. Here we go...

Ryan officially wants his hair done every day now. It's really too long to look cute "spiky," but he begs. Some days he comes home looking like the devil with two big puffs of spiked hair on the sides and the middle slicked down. He insists on messing with it after Mike fixes it for him in the morning, which drives Mike crazy. The thing I've realized is that I'd rather him figure out how to do his hair now, when half of the other boys in his class also look goofy (I've seen dripping, dried gel on many 5 year old foreheads) rather than when I finally think he's ready to do it, say 7-8 years old, and all of the other kids have had 2 years to practice. So he's doing his own hair. Bless.

Last weekend, Mike took the kids camping. By the look of his legs and face, I think Ryan was attacked by a tree...lots of scrapes and tons of bug bites.

Tuesday was "Mom's Night" at Kaylin's pre-school. The anticipation has been building for a week and we were both excited when we pulled into the parking lot. I had to bring Jason because Mike was coaching Ryan's football practice, but when I pulled the stroller out of the back of the van, I didn't close the hatch all the way. Kaylin came bouncing around from her side of the van and smacked right into the half-closed hatch, which was right at forehead level. After lots of tears and drama (not to mention a purple goose egg) it took her almost an hour to snap out of her bad mood and enjoy our night. (*sigh*) Not at all how I hoped the night would go, but what do you do, right?

She polished my nails...

(they turned out lovely in every color of the rainbow)

...made me a hat...

...shaved my legs with a Popsicle stick...

...and her favorite part, we had cookies and juice.

Wednesday, I got my hair done all sassy and was totally hit on at the grocery store. Even without make up on and with my three kids in tow. (yeah, I still got it)

While writing the check to my hair stylist, I realized that it was Cinco de Mayo. Too bad I had spaghetti and meatballs planned for dinner. But at the grocery store, carne asada was on sale, so I gave in and bought all the fixin's for burritos. I made lemonade to drink from our margarita glasses, Mike wore a sombrero while grilling the meat and Ryan's homemade horse pinata from school was the perfect centerpiece. I think I throw a pretty fun last minute fiesta, if you ask me!

Thursday night was Bunco. I have been in this group since Kaylin was born...almost four years. I'm beginning to think that meeting with these girls once a month just isn't's the highlight of my month. (I've been harrassed for never giving a shout out to my girls, so "HI GIRLS!" Love you J Dubb, Queen April, Amy, Andrea, Becky, Brooke, Diane, Erin, Kim, Wendy and Mary.) If you don't get together regularly with your girlfriends, I highly recommend it. I often laugh so hard, I cry. Love, love, love you girls!

Friday was the Mother's Tea in Ryan's class. They performed 5-6 songs that they'd learned with hand motions, including one that made almost every mom in the room cry. At one point, another boy said loudly, "Oh my GAWD - my mom is CRYING!!!!!!" That got a good laugh through the sniffling.

Then that night was Ryan's last football game of his first season. He was hoping for a trophy, but got a great metal for participation instead. It's perfect: less to dust.

Saturday, the festivities continued. I clearly didn't look at my busy schedule for the week before agreeing to host a supper club that we do with some other couples. We had a luau theme complete with tiki torches and build-your-own kabobs. I also made some pretty cute "beach cupcakes."

Sunday was Mother's Day. We usually host our moms and my grandmother for a Mother's Day Brunch, but the time got pushed back to noon, so we used up our extra steak and chicken to make more kabobs and grilled for everyone instead. My grandmother got such a kick out of Jason. (Check out her sassy self in her sexy little sundress!)

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying our pool for the first time this year. Our neighbor friends came over and the kids all jumped in, despite chattering teeth and blue lips. We're such light weights here - the water temperature was 74 degrees!

Jason has had a rough week. Several middle of the night cries makes me think he's cutting teeth. That and the fact that he's gnawing on everything in sight. I decided to move him downstairs to the play room temporarily so he and Ryan can both sleep better at night. This is Day #1, so fingers crossed...

After my action-packed week, I'm exhausted and ready to do a bunch of nothing this week. Hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend!
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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your post and all your pictures...a fun party...

HeathahLee said...

What a busy week! Looks like you all had a lot of fun, scrapes and bumps notwithstanding! LOL! : )

Lindsay said...

I am a major dork but I still LOVE Counting Crows!! And Round Here was my favorite song : )

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