Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Fondue Party

Tonight, we started a new Valentine's tradition. FONDUE! Because our anniversary is on the 12th, we have never bothered going out on Valentine's Day evening. Instead, we make a nice dinner at home and avoid the crowds, especially now that we have kids. I had some leftover angel food cake that I contributed to Kaylin's fondue party at pre-school last week, so I decided it would be fun to use it up after dinner and turn the fondue party idea into an annual tradition.

We dipped angel food cake, bananas, kiwi, (bruised) mango, pretzels, graham crackers and marshmallows. I decided against the strawberries, since they were $4.99 for a pint at my nearest store. (can you say, "rip off?") We all had fun gorging and it was...delicious.

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chandy said...

I completely support dipping things in chocolate

and Jason looks just like Kaylin! Cuties!

Cindy Anderson said...

Wow, little Jason got to join the family at the table. What a wonderful tradition. I especially love how much fun you're all having with each other. That's what's best about a loving family. :-) Great R&R, Katie!!

SnoWhite said...

what a great idea! that looks like so much fun -- love the smiles on your kiddos faces!

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

I love fondue!!! I often forget about my fondue pot, but you've just reminded me how much fun that could be for a girls night or even for company. :) Happy Anniversary!

dawn said...

We do this every New Year's Eve. The kids look forward to it all day.We use choclate,strawberry,carmel syrups and peanut butter and whip cream as our dips. The dippables (is that a word, not sure) are apples,strawberries ( if cheap enough) teddy bear crackers, vanilla wafers, bananas, marshmallows and dip till we are all full. It is a lot of fun with the kids and they love helping us.Glad you had a happy time together on Valentine's day.

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