Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ryanisms and Kaylinisms

Their made up words...
Breakfast = Breh-fixed
Lonely = Alone-ly
Disobey = Dissin' Obey (combining "disobey" with not "listen"ing and obeying)
Ryan: (singing) "Ryan and Kaylin, sittin' in a tree. K-S-S-S-Y-N-G..."
Me: "Where did you learn that song?"
Ryan: "Daniel at school. When two people love each other, you sing that song. And I love Kaylin, so I guess we're sittin' in a tree, kissing."
Kaylin: (at lunch) "Jesus in my heart is telling me that he's full. Can I be excused?"
Ryan: (in the middle of a series of jokes he was making up) "Why do birds have wings?"
Me: "Why?"
Ryan: (looking at me like it's ridiculous that I don't know the answer) "So they don't fall on the ground and die!"
Kaylin: "Mommy, does Jesus have a heart?"
Me: "He sure does."
Kaylin: "Is Jesus in his own heart???"
Me: (blank stare...that's too deep for me)
Ryan: "Mom, Kaylin's Mowgli and I'm Baloo. (from The Jungle Book movie) Can I be naked like a bear?"
Kaylin: (overheard singing to Jason...some of these lines are from songs, some are made up...I was in the next room, writing down what she sang)
"If it's time, I'll know what to do (???)
oh no, you never let go (a Christian song we hear a lot)
and all the children of the world (from "Jesus Loves the Little Children")
and down will come baby (from "Rockabye Baby")
it is true...nothing is afraid about (???)
the lady and the man (I think she meant "the lady and the tramp")
rockin' ("walking") in a winter wonderland."
(then she told Jason suddenly) "I'll be right back."
(when she ran out of the room, she said to me) "I'm looking for something - I need a headband."
Me: "No putting headbands on your baby brother."
Kaylin: "Oh, man!"
(after I corrected Ryan for something)
Kaylin: "Mom, you forgot to say, 'Lose the bad attitude.'"
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Jessica said...

So cute! I love the Jesus in his own heart question...where do they come up with that stuff?

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