Thursday, February 18, 2010

Date Nights All Around!

Last night was the annual Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance at our church - the most important night of the year for Kaylin, second only to her birthday. Mike took her last year and she's asked when they're going again at least once a month since then.

After a whirlwind hour interviewing with our local Fox News station, I helped Kaylin get all dolled up and Daddy whisked her away to the ball.

While they had their date, I took my boys out. Apparently, what I decided to do with Ryan last year is our new annual tradition: Chick Fil A, pottery painting and ice cream.

Before we left, Ryan ran upstairs to change his shirt so he could look handsome for me. (I love this kid!) After dinner, I gave him money to get ice cream at Chick Fil A. He went up and paid all by himself like such a little man.

Within 5 minutes, the whole cone fell down is shirt and pants and onto the floor. Such is a date with a five year old! The cashier replaced it for free, which was really nice of her.

He painted a skateboard while I tried to lull Jason to sleep (way past his bedtime!) and then we headed home. As we walked across the parking lot, Ryan informed me that as soon as we got into the van, the date was over. So I gave him a huge hug and a kiss and thanked him for a wonderful evening. He had a grin from ear to ear.

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Michelle said...

Sophie and Brian went to our church's Annual Daddy Daughter Princess Ball last Friday! They had so much fun! Sophie didn't go last year because we felt she was too young, but boy she loved it this year!

FYI-Chik Fil A in Texas gives a free ice cream when you return the toy in the kid's meal. Don't know if that's true everywhere, but it has been here. Give it a try! :)

Love ya!

Lisa said...

so cute that you do a date night at the same time as the daddy daughter dance! i was just thinking that i should do something with my boys while zach takes teda out. it only seems right! hope you're doing well- i saw you for a moment at school but i was in the car and couldn't say hi. so consider this my "hi!"

Brooke said...

What an absolutely fab idea! It sounds like Ryan enjoys every minute each year. And Kaylin - she looked beautiful all dressed up. Nothing is better than spending time with your daddy. While my mom is my best friend, I am (and always will be)a daddy's girl! :)

HeathahLee said...

Oh my goodness what a handsome date you had! : )

Kiddo and I really need to do that. SOON.

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