Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First day of school traditions???

I'm soliciting all of your first day of school traditions. Now that Ryan's starting Kindergarten soon (I'm still in shock...) I want to start a few simple traditions to help make the first day back to school special for my kids. Sure, it's exciting NOW, but come high school, most kids dread the end of summer. Fun traditions can buffer the disappointment.
When I was growing up, my mom usually bought me Hostess donuts for the first day of school. I'm not sure she did it every year, but she did it enough for me to remember. Knowing what I know about sugar now, I hesitate to do that and set my kids up for a mid-morning sugar crash on day 1. But rarely-purchased store bought donuts just screams "first day of school" to me, so we'll see. Maybe I can make a bunch of eggs to balance them with protein or something.
For his pre-school years, I've taken a picture of Ryan with his backpack in the same spot of our house on the first and last days of school. Kind of silly, but it works for the school scrapbook I'm making for him. Same picture, same spot, every year.
So what are some first day of school traditions you had growing up? What are some things you do or plan to do for your kids? A special breakfast or dinner? A fun activity after school? A big sha-bang the night before to celebrate the end of summer? I'd love to hear so I can steal borrow your ideas. I'm not above idea theft - no sense in recreating the wheel!
(Check out this Back to School Bash for older kids...this mom is WAY too creative!!!)

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Misc Jenn said...

My biggest memory is the photo taken outside on the steps with my brand new lunch box and book bag. But I seem to recall a "whatever you want" dinner the night before where I could have pudding, applesauce and mac n' cheese.

I loved school so the whole process of "Back To..." was always a big treat to me!

Snow White said...

we took our photos on the first day of school too -- it wasn't my favorite thing back then... but looking back now, it's fun to have those photos.

Nicole said...

My mom always took a picture of us in front of the house, and we also got a special treat or little note in our lunch box. Usually something like a hershey kiss and a note that said I love you etc. Very sweet when I look back on it

Julie said...

I didn't intend for this to be a tradition but I think I am making it one. Last year, after Jake's first day of Kindergarten, I took the kids to Dunkin' Donuts as a surprise. They had never been before and their eyes just lit up at the sight! It was kind of fun to sit and have a donut of their choice at 3:00 in the afternoon. Sure... sugar rush but early enough not to effect bedtime.

I also hype things up a little the week before with stories about back to school, etc. There are quite a few out there, I was surprised.

chandy said...

Speaking of donuts...your apple fritters have made it into the weekend breakfast rotation at our house. And I think they're probably healthy, because they have fruit in them.

Are there seriously people out there that didn't love the first day of school? ;) That day was second only to Christmas for me!!

Hydeman family said...

We tell a story the week prior to school, we have Trinity tell us her favorite animal, and then we tell a story about the animal going to school...she helps us make it up as we go and each night we tell the same story until it's school day. Then, on the day of school the last thing we say before we leave is "have a great day little *whatever animal she picked for her story*" she has a pretty active imagination so, this totally helps keep her mind off of the seperation.

Also, THIS year, since it is the first and last FIRST official day of REAL school, we are having a "YOU DID IT!" family welcome home party for her. Nothing big, just made a banner for her, hanging streamers and balloons outside of the house so it's the first thing she sees on our walk home. We are going to make her favorite foods and have them that dinner...I am excited!!!!!

debbie said...

Hi Katie,

I found your blog through Becky Higgins' blog. I really enjoy it.

Some of our "Back To School" traditions... The night before the first day of school I make a school bus cake. We put crayon candles on top of it and sing "Happy School Day To You" (to the tune of Happy Birthday). Each boy gets a turn to blow out the candles. My oldest (also named Ryan) will be in 4th grade this year, and I wondered if it might be too baby-ish for him, but he is still looking forward to it. That's another great thing about traditions. When you start them when the kids are young, they seem to want to carry them on even if they are "younger" type traditions.

I also paint the kids' hands and make handprints on cardstock to add to a school scrapbook page later.

Another favorite is going out to dinner the first day and last day of school. (Dinners out are very rare for us, so this is a special treat.) They have this to look forward to all day. I look forward to it as well, since I've been missing them all day and can't wait to hear about all of their new adventures. Now that I have 2 kids in school, one boy chooses where we will go on the first day of school and one boy chooses where we will go on the last day of school.

I also take a picture of my child with their teacher on the first day and last day of school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!
LOVE your blog. I have never commented before, but love getting new ideas for the start of school. We have 3 children, all in school...on the morning of the first day of school we use special plates (we use them for birthdays, recital days, etc). I make their favorite breakfast, pictures of course...Last year I made a school bus cake that I found on the Family Fun website. Made with a pound cake, donuts for wheels, vanilla wafers for was fun and cute...

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