Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two First Dates

While Mike took Kaylin to our church's Daddy/Daughter Dinner & Dance last night, I took Ryan on a date of our own.

Kaylin got all dolled up, complete with fingernail and toenail polish, lipstick and even some mascara. (I couldn't help it...her eyelashes are invisible!) Mike said there were 4 other girls with her same dress on...I guess other people shop at Costco, too - who would have thought? (thanks for the dress, Grandma Barb!!!)

Here are some pictures before they left for their date...

Kaylin had so much fun that when Ryan and I got home, she couldn't stop squealing out the details of the event and kept covering her mouth with excitement. I asked if there were other little girls there who looked like princesses and she said, "Yes! I said, 'What is your name?' and one of them said, 'My name is Addy.' Her name was Addy!" As she was talking about the whole evening, I wished I had my video was adorable. I think she had as much fun drinking lemonade as she did getting dressed up and dancing!

Here are pictures from my date with Ryan, which consisted of Chick-Fil-A, pottery painting and Dairy Queen...

Ryan changed his shirt twice, put on a watch so he could tell me what time it was all night, and he asked to put a chapstick in his pocket. (because I gave Kaylin one for her purse that she didn't even bring with her) He asked about Daddy and Kaylin so many times throughout the night...he wanted them to be with us so badly. But by the end of the night, he thanked me for our date, even gave me a kiss, and said he had fun. (I think it was the ice cream talking...just look at the sugar high in this final picture!)

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HeathahLee said...

Oh, she looks so precious! I bet all four of you had the best time! Yeah, looks like the ice cream had kicked in good by that last picture! Of course, my Kiddo looks like that in most of his pictures. : )

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