Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let it snow!

On Friday, we drove up to the mountains and spent some time sledding and eating the snow playing in the snow. It was a short, but sweet exerience, considering it took us almost an hour (right into Kaylin's naptime) to find thick enough snow to play in. (locals, take the time to drive all the way to's all melting in Prescott!)

It was a sunny, beautiful day, which meant the top of the snow was too crusted over to make snow angels or a snowman, but there was much sledding to be had. It even snowed a little before we loaded back into the car! We finished up the kids' first time in the snow with hot chocolate and cookies at a cafe in town, then headed back to Phoenix. It was a great, impromptu day trip!


DutchMac said...

How fun! we're currently having winter temperatures (below freezing) but without any of the fun snow. Never mind. It's still only Dec ... plenty of time for winter fun yet (she says hopefully).


Lisa said...

How fun! Snow is so intriguing to our kids from a place where it doesn't snow, isn't it?! :) That's great that you guys did this impromptu trip! :) HAve a great day!

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